Our Pricing

Flexible options, affordable rates

Business Accounting Matters is sensitive to the budgets and cash flow of business owners. We offer flat monthly pricing so you needn’t fear running up a big bill. Call us anytime!

Our pricing depends on the complexity and volume of your financial transactions. We send you a proposal after you complete a questionnaire. Once we review your books in detail, we can provide the flat monthly pricing.

Many of our clients pay between $300 and $500 per month. Of course, some pay less and others, more. When you partner with us, you only pay for the work performed. There’s no sick or vacation time, no office space or computer needed, and no employer payroll taxes.

Starting Out

Starting at $150 per hour

Congratulations! — you have a business idea and decided to go for it!  Our ‘Starting Out’ package offers consulting services on an as-needed basis.  Ask us anything. We can help with accounting software setup, payroll processing systems, and efficient ways to manage your business’ financial transactions.

Catch Up and Clean Up

Starting at $1,500 per project

Your accounting software has not been updated in months. There is an issue with how transactions are recorded. Your tax preparer is too expensive to help. Please contact us. Business Accounting Matters has extensive experience catching up and cleaning up accounting software files.


Starting at $200 per month

Would you like to know who owes you money, how much is needed to pay the bills and employees, as well as the profit or loss for the month? This offering is best for the business owner who wants to stay on top of cash flow and expenses.  When it’s time to prepare taxes, the tax preparer is happy!


Starting at $400 per month

Don’t want to be involved in the day-to-day financial transactions? Our system of checks, balances and approvals allows you to control the cash while focusing on the most important aspects of running your business.  Business Accounting Matters becomes your accounting department.


Starting at $1,000 per month

Business owners who want help with more than just the bookkeeping fall into this category.  We are a trusted advisor for many business matters.